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A deep dive into the absurd world of human cruelty. This show bombards the audience with images that capture the harm we inflict on each other. Our cruel actions are transformed into an outrageous, visually rich feast lathered in dark humor for the audience to devour. An acrobatic sequence depicts the dissociation experienced by survivors of war. An ensemble of lambs perform

‘I Hope I Get It’ from A Chorus Line drawing connections between the brutal meat industry and audition cattle calls. A contemporary dance explores the fine line between an abusive and loving relationship. 'Who Killed Horsey?' forces the audience to confront the consequences of their own cruelty while tempting them to laugh at it. 

Who Killed Horsey? (2019)

wkh 1.png
wkh 2.png

Created by:

Jacinta Yellad (lead artist)

Jacqueline Libby

Christine Octavia Shaw

Connor Hogan

Performed by:

Pig Iron School Cohort 2019

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