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A Ring Never Ends



An adaptation of Wagner's Ring Cycle, written and directed by Sean Graney (of The Hypocrites). In this production, we are living after the apocalypse, nearing the end of the world. In a decaying opera house, Raven finds a copy of the program for The Ring Cycle. Raven creates a religion surrounding the program and the artifacts left in the opera house. As the end of the world draws nearer, events unfold that mirror those of the Ring Cycle.

Purposefully creating a piece where no role is adhered to a specific gender, there were no pronouns in the script. With 12 actors and 6 roles, no performance was with the same cast. Switching up meanings and showing heros and lovers of all different types. 

Jacqueline was one of two to originate the role of Corpse, a clumsy poet who's strength lies in words and feelings rather than force and endurance.


Corpse harnessing the powers of the fabled sword stuck in a tree (above, center)

Thief reviling their massacred hands and plotting with their sibling Corpse (left)

Corpse uncovering the helmet that everyone has been looking for (right)

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