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Pig Iron School/ The University of the Arts

MFA in Devised Performance

Attended May August 2017-December 2019

Photos by John C. Hawthorne, Courtesy of UArts/ Pig Iron, unless otherwise noted


The Greatest Show Of All Time...In History!

a fun-for-the-whole-family night of laughs, musicals, magic, dancing, things going wrong, things going right...featuring Pasqual the Clown and Friends



Monica, a pre-school teacher convinces the rest of the teachers to protest against the recent cuts to recess with a rousing rendition of

"We're Not Gonna Take It" by the Twisted Sisters. (photos by Sarah Gardner, courtesy of UArts/Pig Iron)


Sry Nt Sry

 A satirical mockery of the world around us. This new work explored themes such as racism, rape culture, sexual education and wokeness. 

In Translation

In Translation

An evening of adaptations and transformations. Inspired by popular films and contemporary novels, alongside classical theatrical forms, these stories find new life on the modern stage. Everything is Illuminated (top), Self-made Archetype masks (right),  Melodrama surrounding LGBT+ rights in Eastern Europe (bottom), Pantalone and Colombina Go on a Date (left)


America Ad Infinitum